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Description: Tools for editing chars
Mugen Character Maker
v2.0 Beta
MCM was the first chars creation tool that the Mugen Edit Essemble replaced. This program unusable was never completed, but it was popular.

ACT Edit With ACT, you can edit a PCX load and save the color palette file as Act. A very useful tool but that is hardly used by
Fighter Factory Calssic.
ZCharCAD 6.0
für Win98
CharCAD-Z is the second freeware program for creating and editing MUGEN Chars. ZCharCAD is the best editor for a long time with the times can edit all files Cahr.
ZCharCAD 7.0
für WinXP
This version was written for Windows XP.
Unfortunately still only Portuguese and English.
ZCharCAD 7.1
für WinXP
This XP version fixed some errors in previous versions.
(DOY: My favorite persöhnliches ZCharCAD)
ZCharCAD 9.1
für Win7/XP
The 9.1 appeared only when there was Callsic Fighter Factory.
ZCharCAD 9.1 FFC lagging behind and can not keep up.
This is the latest beta version now.
Fighter Factory The GUI Gesaamte basirte on ZCharCAD
& has been extended by many colorful icons.
Fighter Factory 7.1 ZCharCAD was always inferior
alone because it could only be opened once.
Fighter Factory Ultimate
Ultimate brought new features but failed
due to Benutzerunfreundlichkeit.
ZCharCAD 7.1 was still better than Ultimate!
Fighter Factory Classic
with German
With FFC as nostalgia alternative to Ultimate VirtualTek system would be what created the Ultimate.
The FFC is the Ultimate Chars Edtior and triggered from 7.1 worthy.
Fighter Factory 3
with German
In cooperation between VirtualTek & the MCC Team
FF3 has emerged the German version.
It offers an MCC own interface & German language pack. Also available as 64Bit Download
Description: Other useful tools
(SFF BugFixer)
This is a repair tool for repareiren of SFF files, the must be allowed to pull / fall over the EXE file so that it
is processed. This tool can be very useful!
Mugen Intro Maker
v2.0 Beta German
The German version of the Mugen intro maker from the MCC Team.
This program helps you to create intros.
Mugen Windwos Configurator
4.h German
A nice tool configurations for Mugen. only to Mugen 1.0 full nuzbar (The order for the arcade mode are limited to 10,
which leads to a problem with more recent than Mugen 1.0!)
Rotation Sprite Sprite rotation is a nice tool of Xenowhirl
sprites to rotate by 30 °. It is likely many beginners
help because without oblique Spriten is not!
Resource Hacker A useful hacking tool to share resources in EXE files.
Mugen is the main task of replacing the MugenIcons.
SpriteSheet Unpacker With Sprite Sheet Unpacker because you can, sparring a lot of time, when to take it `s diverges from sprite sheets.
Stage Viewer
0.65 Beta
A very useful tool for viewing of stages.
Virtual Select A useful program to place the Chars without written into the Select.def. The downside is, the program is very slow if you have many chars.
Font Factory 10
The MCC Team's version of VirtualTek's
Mugen Font Creator program entirely in German.
Add-On Maker With Add-On Maker for nLite, it is possible to install programs
directly into Windows with nLite.